Second International Conference of Applied Industrial Engineering. Scope: Intelligent Automation of Production and its Sustainable Development.

Building on the success of our inaugural event, we are excited to announce the second edition of this prestigious gathering, where we delve even deeper into the cutting-edge realms of industrial engineering and its pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

The II International Conference of Applied Industrial Engineering is a proof of our commitment to the advancement on the fields of industrial engineering and sustainability. This event aims to be a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration, offering a platform for experts, researchers, and industry professionals to explore the transformative potential of intelligent Automation of Production and its Sustainable Development.

Keynote Speakers

Alfredo Saltos Guale, Eng.

Consultant Armagensa S.A

“Applied Sustainability in Agroindustry”

Tuesday 28, 10:00 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Francklin Rivas, Ph.D.

Professor at the School of Systems Engineering at PUCE

“Artificial Intelligence Oriented Towards Industrial Environments”

Tuesdary 28, 14:00 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Nabih Pico, Ph.D.

Robotics Engineering Research Center of Sungkyunkwan University

“Industrial robotic”s

Wednesday 29, 09:00 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Carlos Taboada Rodríguez, Ph.D.

Full Professor of the Federal University of Santa Catarina

“IImplications Of Sustainability In The Industry”

Thursday 30, 10:00 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Pali Singh, Ph.D

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Villanova University

“Renewable Energy”

Thursday 30, 09:00 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Rafael Lara Hernández, Ph.D.
Industrial Engineering Department Manager Morelia Institute of Technology

“Lean Six Sigma 4.0

Thursday 30, 12:10 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Félix Reinado Bones, Mgs.
Founding Vice President Japan Training Center LatAm

“IoT in Organizational Productivity

Thursday 30, 12:10 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Luis Tello Oquendo, Ph.D.
Polytechnic University of Valencia

“Empowering Industrial IoT with 5G Wireless Systems

Wednesday 29, 14:00 (GMT-5, Ecuador)

Humberto Sotomayor, Eng.
Acerías Nacionales del Ecuador ANDEC S.A.

“Innovation in the Industry

Tuesday 28, 10:30 (GMT-5, Ecuador)